Welcome to World University Netball Championship 2018

FISU, the International University Sports Federation, founded in 1949, coordinates the activities of over 100 national university sport federations and holds world university championships in the most popular university sports.

The World University Championships are organized by the Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU). In July, 2012, the first World University Netball Championship was held in Cape TownSouth Africa. The South African Federation of University Sports organised the event. The venue of the first championship was the Good Hope Sports Centre in Cape Town, July 2–7, 2012 with 12 participating countries. The winners were England, who beat South Africa in the finals.

The 2nd World University Netball Championship was held in MiamiFlorida in 2016. The venue was St. Thomas University.[4] Netball is a rapidly emerging sport in the United States and showcasing an international event will further its national prestige.

The next edition will be held in Uganda. In 2018, FISU will stage 34 WUCs, attracting approx. 6,500 participants from 105 countries. Athletes who participate in FISU events share the same aspirations and life style. They are today's stars and tomorrow's leaders aiming for excellence in mind and body.

In 2010 The first informal discussion between netball members in SA and FISU WUC began. The INF CEO at the time Urvasi,were roped in to help start and support a WUNC. FISU granted in 2011 the inaugural WUNC to South Africa and INF CEO Clare Briegal supported the event and it was held in July 2012 in Cape Town. Great Britain was the winners with SA second and Jamaica 3rd. I May 2014 FISU and INF signed the Collaboration agreement to further student netball. 2014 Did not have a WUNC and 2016 saw the tournament in Miami. SA, Jamaica Australia took up 1st 3 positions. 2018 allocated to UGANDA.